A team workflow is necessary. Creativity must go beyond the advertisment frontiers. If we take that, add a massive idea and some multidisciplinary design, we can have game changing results. Let’s make people feel.
*Don’t put me in charge of the music if you don’t want some wub-wub-wub music or cumbiones.

Brand Experience

GreenPeace, UCV, China Wok, Don Belisario, Dunkin’ Donuts, plazaVea, Vivanda, Fundación Peruana de Cáncer, Rimac Seguros, Lan Perú, Nestlé Argentina, Toyota, Bonus, Mazda, D’onofrio, Los Portales, Belcorp, Pepsico, Nestlé Perú, Suzuki


Estelart.Festival 2°
Craft-beer-themed expo
1 entry , Feb 2019

Estelart.Festival 1°
Craft-beer-themed expo
2 entries , Dec 2018

Madriguera presents: Demilición
Art Installation
1 entry , Dec 2018

Lima.GIF v1.0
Collective animation expo
2 entries , Jan 2018

Wubba Lubba Dub Art
1 entry , Oct 2017




Tata & Amigos

Art direction x 3D Content Creator x Whatever-it-comes



Beer Beat

Heart is love, beer is love. #FestivalEstelart fuses the craft of brewing with the inspired talents of emerging artists in painting, digital art, poetry and music. The Estelart Festival is dedicated on promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability.


BRO LIMA Summer School 2018

Brother Lima is a school of creativity focused on advertisement. Each country has its own animal as signature, and Lima’s animal is the wolf. BRO wanted to make a toy character, prints and visual content for their summer course. A cool toy for the coolest -and most awarded- school.



Branding done for “LArepera”. It’s one of the hottest food trucks in Miami, Florida.They sell mainly arepas, but there’s also a side menu which includes cachapas, empanadas and their brand new Tacoarepa
Branding x Graphic Design x Illustration
Agency: La Candela Creativa
CDr: Domingo Díaz
PD: Antonio Durán
AD: Montserrat Lozano
Branding: Tata Portal


Greenpeace :: Oreo

The deforestation in Indonesia is alarming. Much of it happens to make way for palm oil, which is then used to make products like cookies, chocolate and shampoo.